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Academic year 2016/2017
Available Theses

Master's degree theses :    Available

Thesis arguments for graduated students program:

  1. Copulae models for coupled spikes trains
  2. Inverse First Passage time problem
  3. Fractional Poisson processes and their application
  4. Stochastic models in biology
  5. Branching processes: scale free properties
  6. Multivariate first passage time problems
  7. Thesis related with stages

We also collaborate with researchers of INRIM on stochastic problems related with atomic clock error. Theses can be performed in the frame of this collaboration with INRIM.

Thesis at Forschungszentrum of Juelich (De) are available for strongly motivated students, interested to statististics for neuroscience.

Stage at CEA for the study of mathematial problems related with Brain-Computer Interfaces are possible in the framework of an Erasmus-stage agreement

Research thesis for fashion retail are available

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